Lesson in Lyrical Warfare for Adepts

Lesson in Lyrical Warfare for Adepts


Used my intelligence for art
but it´s a fucking weapon too
did not want to play, but you start
it´s fiction, nothing here is true
read my lyrical reckoning
because it is not about you
let´s relax and the show begin
hope everything´s fine, you feel well
but now I got to spit my spell
read this letters written in hell

Before, I´ve got to introduce
say what I am, what I can
it is the warning, you will loose
I´m not the devil, he´s my fan
I control, you not even choose
Seems like legion, but just one man
I´m a god damned concrete tower
hope your dead happy head is tough
drop words, bomb carpet from above
remember, a joke, hope you laugh

The first step, I´m completely free
calculated insanity
I´m everything, everywhere, me
version evil house of mirrors
You just see the exteriors
I say it again, this is art
I´m not insane, fiction, a tale
but perhaps, really think, think hard
what if you find the holy grail
hero area, do not fail

Now I end little spectacle
I was kidding, professional
began enemy, ended as friend
this is beginning, not an end


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